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Tableau Desktop Version 2020.2 – What’s New?

Tableau Desktop Version 2020.2 – What’s New?

Version 2020.2
Connect to and Prepare Data

Use relationships to combine data for multi-table analysis
Configure proxy for connection to Snowflake
Connect to Azure Synapse Analytics (new connector name)
Connect to Esri ArcGSI Server
Connect to spatial fields in Oracle

Design Views and Analyze Data

Add a Set Control to let users quickly modify the members of a set
Add or remove values from a set by interacting directly with the viz
Control the fields used for analysis by Explain Data

Prepare, Author, and View Data on the Web

Upload and open workbooks in a browser
Customize suggested questions for Ask Data
Add synonyms for multiple data sources with Ask Data
Organize your favorite content
Create metrics to track your data

Collaborate with Tableau Online and Tableau Server

Dashboard download to crosstab improvements
Enhancements to editing Legends and Tooltips


Tableau Catalog updates – part of the Data Management Add-on

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