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Tableau Desktop 2021.1.2

Tableau Desktop 2021.1.2

Build number – 20211.21.0511.0935
Release date – Tue, May 18, 2021

Resolved Issues
Issue ID Description
1251733 It would not be possible to open a spatial file using Tableau Desktop 2021.1+, ​ if the file path contained non-ASCII characters. The error would display, “Error code: 61922F37. Invalid database name value.”

1231448 Extract refresh failure could occur with PGSQL JDBC driver when a monetary data type was used. The error would display, “Bad value for type double”.

1264032 It is not possible to use SSL for TabPy and RServe connections. Trying to use a connection with SSL enabled in the connection configuration returned an error.

1223399 When a live connection to Oracle and context filters are used, the following error could occur:
“Oracle database error 1652: ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP”.

1248557 It would not be possible to disable the “Allow Pan and Zoom” option when using a background image.

1227304 An error would sometimes occur when connecting to a SAP HANA table. The error would display, “Internal Error – An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error Code: 6EA18A9E”.

1237032 In some cases, the data type of a specific column was not being recognized correctly.

1236825 Tableau Desktop was not persisting the authentication cookie in some cases with the WDC connector starting in 2020.2.2. The updated version of the WDC javascript library will need to be used in addition to the WDC making a call to the tableau.enableCookiePersistence() to enable cookie persistence in the Desktop session.

1249257 When signing into Tableau Online from Tableau Desktop 2021.1 and picking a site, the error would display, “Site needed”.

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