Proposal at 21st GST Council meeting at Hyderabad

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New time table for filing returns
1. GSTR-1 (for the month of July 2017) Extended – 10.10.2017
2. For registered persons with aggregate turnover in a state more than Rs. 100 crores., The due date for GSTR-1 for July 2017 will be (Extended) – 03.10.2017
3. GSTR-2 (for the month of July 2017) (Extended) – 31.10.2017
4. GSTR-3 (for the month of July 2017) (Extended) – 10.11.2017
5. GSTR-4 (for the quarter July-sep 2017) (Extended) – 18.10.2017
6. Table 4 under GSTR-4 not to be filed for the quarter July-September 2017. Requirement of filing GSTR-4 for this period to be dispensed with.
7. GSTR-6 (for the month of July 2017) (Extended) – 13.10.2017
8. Due dates for filing of the above-mentioned returns for subsequent periods shall be notified at a later date.
9. GSTR-3 B will continue to be filed till for the month of December 2017.

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