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PPF – Public Provident Fund (Know More)

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PPF – Public Provident Fund (Know More)

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Why PPF?
PPF is still a preferred debt investment choice for two reasons

Investor guaranteed returns and tax savings.
Can we have more than one PPF Account?
No, PPF rules allow only one account to be opened in one name. Someone with a PPF account in the bank cannot open another account in the post office and vice-versa if two accounts are opened by mistake, the second account is treated as an irregular account and will not carry any interest unless the two accounts are merged. One has to approach the Ministry of Finance for approval of merging.
A PPF account on behalf of a minor can be opened by either the father or mother. Both the parents cannot open a separate account for the same minor.

Next Upate about PPF will be issued on 04-09-2018

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