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Power BI September 2020 Feature Summary

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Power BI September 2020 Feature Summary

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Starting this month, we have merged the Power BI Desktop, Service and Mobile blogs, so there is one overview of everything that is new in this month. Many thanks to Sujata and Nikhil for owning the Desktop and Service/Mobile blogs! We are planning several other changes to the blog, so stay tuned.
After 10 years, support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. In line with this, we will be stopping support for Power BI Desktop on Windows 7 on Jan 31st 2021. After that, Power BI Desktop will only be supported on Windows 8 and newer. The January 2021 release of Power BI Desktop Optimized for Report Server will be supported as per the Modern Lifecycle Policy i.e. supported until the next release (currently scheduled for May 2021), after which it will only receive security updates until January 2022, after which support will stop.
We are also making a change to the version of .NET that is required to run Power BI Desktop. Starting from the October release you’ll need to have .NET 4.6.2 or greater installed. This is installed by default with Windows 10 and for older versions of Windows the Power BI Desktop installer will launch the .NET installer for you.
Let’s get started because we have exciting updates this month!
Amongst others, in the analytics area, we introduce a preview of the Smart narratives visual which helps you quickly summarize visuals and reports by providing relevant out-of-the-box insights which is customizable. On the reporting side, several things are added, including the introduction of controls for the z-order of visuals, and searching for a workspace during publish. For modeling, the enhanced dataset metadata that was previously in preview is now generally available. In the service, we introduce new capabilities in the lineage view, updates to analyze in Excel and have made deployment pipelines generally available.
Here is the full list of September updates:
• Smart narratives (preview)
• Q&A now supports arithmetic operations
• Data point rectangle select for additional charts
• Added general visual option to maintain layer order
• Search for a workspace during publish
• Total labels for stacked visuals
• Mobile authoring enhancements
o Bookmark pane is now available in the Mobile layout view
o New options: turn off gridlines and snap to grid.
• Improved navigation tree (iOS and Android)
• Share from Power BI using your favorite apps (iOS and Android)
• Pinch and zoom is now available in all report views – on both phones and tablets (iOS and Android)
• Auto play a slideshow on startup (Windows)
• New capabilities in lineage view
o Search within lineage view
o Data source impact analysis
• Excel inherits the Power BI dataset’s sensitivity label when using a PivotTable connection
• Analyze in Excel provides Excel file instead of .ODC
• Deployment pipelines is now generally available
• Enhanced Dataset Metadata is now generally available
• Performance improvements to aggregation expressions involving columns of currency data type
Data connectivity
• CDS connector (preview)
• Azure Databricks
• MariaDB
• Hexagon PPM Smart API
• Other data connectivity updates
• Spanish language community forum is now available
• Data Stories Gallery theme for October
• Collage by CloudScope
• Advanced Trellis / Small Multiples Chart by xViz
• Waterfall Chart by xViz
• Editor’s picks
Template Apps
• Multichannel Attribution Dashboard
• Workplace Analytics Dashboard

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